Several Types of German Shepherds to select from

When looking for a dog to bring into your home for a pet, a working mate or one to enhance security and add protection to your property, you have to be guided by a few things.

If it is the dog you are looking for, there are various Types of German Shepherds from which you can select based on their physical and other differences, just so you get the one that matches your preferences and intended use.

Well to simplify your task, here are a few Types of German Shepherd dogs with their own origins and unique traits that you might want to consider.
1. German Working Lines
These are dogs regarded as the high lines and are mainly found in German shows. In order for them to be recognized as such, there are certain criteria they should meet, which may include testing for some traits.

There are those from west and those from East Germany. These dogs were primarily bred for success in guarding and herding and you can notice that from their higher agility and aggressiveness. They are also more built than their other counterparts.
2. American Show Lines
The American show lines gained quite a huge entry and popularity in North America, imported from Germany. By looking at the American show line German shepherds you will notice that they have heads and bodies that are generally slender than the European types. They come in a wide variety of colors but have pigments that are naturally lighter that those of their European counterparts. They have a generally lower prey drive and aggressiveness than the later. They are best known for their suitability in being kept as pets.
3. Czech Working Lines
The Czech working lines have their origin in the early Czechoslovakia having been mostly used in the army as a working dog in border patrols and search tasks. It has a strongly built body, but more slender than the DDR German working dogs and tends to have longer legs.

The breeds majorly came about as the police and army personnel interacted in the German and Czech borders. This type of German shepherd is renowned for its high agility and intensive working drive. It can be suitable for use in providing additional security to your premises. However, it can be tamed early in young age and still used as a pet dog. It all depends on the training the dog receives, regardless of its genetic variance.
4. American Pet Lines
Originating from the American show lines is another type of Types of German shepherd dogs, the American pet lines. These are in most cases kept for the sole purpose as pets. They are in most cases obtained from people referred to as backyard breeders. However, there are various reputable places you can find this breed if having one for a pet would be fun.

Hip Dysplasia on a Boxer Puppy

Hip Dysplasia is more common than you might think.

In this video you will see a story of how a Boxer Puppy is suffering from Hip Dysplasia. You will see the subtle indications of this symptom as he walks, especially notable in his hip swagger.

As he gets older the problem seems to increase and becomes more noticeable. He tends to walk differently and his feet take a different stance.

Watch the video below and you will see a clear indication of how this ailment can affect dogs of all ages:

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German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia

It’s becoming a serious illness in German Shepherds, and It can happen to dogs of all sizes. If you notice carefully, you will see how the poor dog walks in an uncomfortable manner.

It’s very sad to see this dog suffer in this manner.

The dog is swaying his hips in a vary unnatural manner. There are some treatments and supplements available to alleviate the pain.

Checking Your Dog For fleas and Ticks

This is a very common problem, which is why it’s important that you check your dog regulrly to find out whether he may be suffering from this type of problem.

In this informative video you will learn how to check for these animals in your pets coat. You can check your dog for the presence of these parasites by checking on its folds and the shoulder blades.

Zypher Clarke-Dolberg discusses how you can check a dog for these parasites.

Watch the video below and see how you can check if your dog is suffering from Ticks or fleas:

Dog Arthritis is Common in Older Dogs

Dog Arthritis is very common in dogs. There is no apparent cure. However there are some supplements that can relief the pain. If your dog is overweight this can contribute to the pain that arthritis can cause. The video below gives an excellent overview of how to take care of older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis.

I think this quick video does a good job of diagnosing the symptoms and potential treatments available.